50 Cent Professes His Love For 69-Year-Old British Actress


50 Cent has fallen for the charms of Dame Helen Mirren, insisting he finds it hard not to just stare at her whenever he’s in her company.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) The 69-year-old Oscar winner and the rapper, who is almost 30 years younger, met up on the red carpet at the 57th Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monaco, and he is happy to admit he now has a major new crush.

50 Cent posted a photo of the odd couple together on Instagram and added the caption: “70 is the new 50… Yeah, I think I love her, man. I’m trying not to stare at her.

“She know (sic) she turns me on. She just has that thing, you know, I can’t describe it. LOL (laughing out loud).”

Dame Helen isn’t exactly single – she is happily married to moviemaker Taylor Hackford.

The couple wed in 1997 after a lengthy romance.