50 Cent Reveals Details On 'Blood on the Sand' Game

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper 50 Cent is returning to the world of video games with the release of his second offering, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

The THQ game, which will be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, is the follow-up to the G-Unit leaders first game 50 Cent: Bulletproof.

According to 50, Blood on the Sand provided an opportunity to personally make an impact behind the scenes.

“I was really involved with the process of making this actual game. Early on, we went and sat down. They showed me stills of where they can actually make the environment look that way and I had my own ideas and input,” 50 Cent revealed. “The way it actually operates, the things are actually happening, is it feels like a virtual action film where you get a chance to be in the film yourself playing as 50 Cent, or as Tony Yayo, or as Lloyd Banks or DJ Whoo Kid."

With Blood on the Sand, gamers will not only get a chance to play 50 and G-Unit, but can also choose a soundtrack comprised of the rapper's music, from the last five years as well as new tunes specifically made for the new game.

“You got hit music from the Curtis album, which was my last album. And that’s with me and Justin Timberlake, me and Robin Thicke, me and Mary J. Blige, me and Akon, me and Dr. Dre, me and Eminem,” 50 Cent said about the presence of well-known material. “Hit music from the last five years is optional for them to play. These tracks are like the greatest hits.”

The release of Blood on the Sand comes as 50 shows no signs of abandoning his war of words with Miami-based rap star Rick Ross.

Over the last few weeks, the rivals have voiced their apparent dislike of each other through a series of diss songs, insulting videos and cartoon shorts.

50’s Cent’s latest cartoon, titled "Everybody Hates Chris," follows the rapper’s previous animated spoofs in poking fun at Ross’ former employment as a corrections officer.

In addition to Ross, the cartoon takes shots at R&B singers Chris Brown and Rihanna while featuring DJ Khaled and Foxy Brown.

Photos of Khaled in makeup and a female wig have been seen in videos posted by 50, who recently filmed one of the clips at the home of the DJ’s mother.

After making a reference to Brown on the song "Try Me," Brown vowed to handle 50 “Brooklyn style” if he didn’t retract the reference within 24 hours.

To date, no response from Brown has come to light.

50 Cent’s Blood on the Sand is due in stores on Feb. 24.