50 Cent Reveals Release Date For 'Before I Self Destruct'

Rapper 50 Cent confirmed his album Before I Self Destruct, has a scheduled released date of December 9.

The album is significant, because it is the Queens - bred rapper’s fourth and final solo for his label, Interscope Records.

After Before I Self Destruct is released, 50 Cent will reportedly be a free agent.

On a recent concert date in Albany, New York 50 Cent reignited his feud with Kanye West, as he mimicked West’s new song “Love Lockdown.”

During the shenanigans, 50 Cent revealed the release date.

“I hope you enjoy this,” the rapper told a cheering crowd, as he mimicked West’s song,on bended knee, singing West’s lyrics.

The crowd soon joined in, gleefully chanting “f**k Kanye West,” while putting up their middle fingers.

After the performance, 50 Cent went backstage where Tony Yayo poked fun at Kanye West’s recent scuffle with paparazzi in Los Angeles International Airport.

Yayo jokingly attacked 50 Cent’s videographer, while mimicking West and his manager Don C.’s recent arrest at L.A.X., for breaking a photographer’s camera.

Again, the two artists will release albums around the same time, with West’s album 808 & Heartbreak scheduled for a December 16 release date.

Play-N-Skillz, Swizz Beatz and J.R. Rotem are reportedly featured on production, while 50 Cent recently confirmed he cut Kanye West’s contribution to the album.