50 Cent’s Cousin Responds To Comments

In a previous interview, 50 Cent expressed discontent with a member of his family that had assumed the rap name 2-5, an…

In a previous interview, 50 Cent expressed discontent with a member of his family that had assumed the rap name 2-5, an apparent play off of the multi-platinum rapper’s name.

50 told AllHipHop.com, “I got a little cousin that's a fraud. He raps like he me, and he ain't start that s**t until I got on. He's a f***ing fraud. I don't even talk to him. I tell you why. I don't want it to be my fault when n***as get their hands on him.” In the interview, 50 said that he personally discouraged 2-5’s own mother from allowing her son from using the moniker.

Now 2-5 has responded to his cousin’s claims stating that his older relative’s information is quite outdated.

“He hasn’t heard my material in, let’s say, three or four years,” the Southside Jamaica Queens rapper said.

The 22 year old defended the way he was depicted in 50’s interview. “The reason why he’d say I’m a little dude is, [because] he’ll always see me as that. I’m the little cousin that looked up my big cousin. He had no little brother; I had no older brother. We were with each other all the time. When he’d get excited when Jam Master Jay would teach him stuff, he’d come back and teach me stuff.”

Furthermore, 2-5 maintained he has an active career and expects to have music on the commercial market in the near future.

“I’m mixing down my album. My album’s been done for a couple of months now. I’m looking around right now and seeing what’s going on. I kinda like the way Def Jam is set up.”

De Francois, the rapper’s marketing director, revealed that 2-5 conferring with a number of major labels but offered no specifics.

In the original interview with 50 Cent, the G-Unit general stated that and affiliation with him would ensure that harm would come to 2-5. Countering, the younger man stated, “He puts it out there like people gonna put hands on me. Well if you felt like that, why am I still in the hood? If you know that people [are] trying to do something to you, and can't - and get to me, why am I still in situation I been in?”

As family, 2-5 said that he hoped that he and 50 could eventually resolve their differences and even work together at some point.

“I’d say he should of called me three years ago [for a song],” 2-5 lamented. “I love him to death. I’ll see him at family dinner. But at the same point in time, it’s real personal.”