50 Cent’s Ideal World Is “Peaceful”, Rapper Explains Gorilla Unit

While 50 Cent has

the knack for engaging in lyrical warfare with his rap peers, the multi-platinum

artist says that if he could choose his ideal world, it would be decidedly different

from the way things presently are.

“[My ideal world] would be peaceful,” the rapper

explained to AllHipHop.com. And, even though beef seems to make the rap and

real world rotate, the Queens, New York native reveals his rough past on the

south side of Jamaica makes it appealing.

“It’ll be hella boring,” 50 continued. “I

think after experiencing what I have, it’ll be interesting.”

The rapper stated that his “get rich or die trying”

mentality has been reaffirmed by the daily lives of normal people.

“It’s like working a 9-to-5 job. A person who does

that dies before they can receive what they put in their pension. You should

have it set up where you get your pension now,” he rationalized. “But

it’s not structured like that, because the money is intended to go back

to the powers that be.”

His perfect earthly existence entails peace, and the rapper

says that war is partially why he adjusted the meaning of his G-Unit clothing

line to mean Gorilla Unit.

“You know what G-Unit stands for? Guerrilla Unit as in

warfare, its military inspired,” he clarified. “And the ‘G’

in G-Unit also stands for Gangsta, which is associated with 50 Cent.”

He divulges the reason for use of the usage of “gorilla”:

“We try to make [G-Unit Clothing's name] for the general public to embrace

it - to make things a little lighter [because] the whole country is at war.

My intentions when coming up with the [original] name came from the History

Channel. That’s why this is so exciting to me because I’m a dreamer.

The only way you can get to where I’m at is through dreaming, because

there was a point where no one believed I'd get here but me. So if I didn’t

have that in my head, I wouldn’t be able to make it happen - even the

clothing companies.”

And for 50 Cent the dreamer, matters boil down to execution

of his vision and learning from others that paved roads before him.

“G-Unit clothing did $55 million its first year. Sean

John did $23 [million] and Rocawear did $18 [million],” he said. “So

like I said, I don’t mind doing deals behind pole, as long as I do it

better. I have their information. I can see what worked for them and what didn’t.”

Dreams of peace won’t come to reality for 50 soon. He

recently released a new diss record called “I Run New York” with

Tony Yayo, where the G-Unit pair continue to berate Jadakiss and Fat Joe.

Yet, in seeming

contradiction, the rapper’s G-Unity Foundation donated $200,000 to the

Compton Unified School District to help restore their arts and music programs.