50 Cent's Manager Sha Money XL Responds To Robbery Allegations

Weeks ago Sha Money XL,

an executive at G-Unit Records, was reportedly accosted at gunpoint in his native

Queens, New York, while attempting to get a haircut.

Sha managed to escape the

situation unscathed, but told AllHipHop.com that he wanted to clarify the matter,

which has been surrounded by rumor and speculation.

“N***as ain’t

shoot my whip up, they did set me up,” he said. “I'm still in the

hood and got a scope on all these jealous bitch a** n***s in my ‘hood

that ain’t happy for me. [They] wanna eat try [to set me up] again - I

will feed them.”

According to published reports

Sha was temporarily locked inside of the barbershop and the unnamed men told

the G-Unit representative that he could no longer come to Queens.

Sha said that he’s

only attempted to remain grounded and that other rap moguls haven’t done

so in the same manner.

"Steve Stoute, Clue

and Irv [Gotti] blew and never turned around. Here I am doing the opposite and

that's the love I get? It’s all good. I'm still breathing - God bless

that, [I’m] still rich, back to Jacob for a bigger bezel and bigger piece,”

he continued. “I'm still in the hood and n***as know that but famous words

from [50 Cent] – ‘fuck the hood.’

The Queens native concluded

that he would continue his work within his organization and keep striving.

“They mad when a n***a

get rich like I did and I ain’t turning back, I got my kids money saved,”

he finished.

Sha has acted as

50 Cent’s co-manager and has produced a number of songs for the G-Unit