50 Cent Says Dre's Not Working With Game, Paramount Pulls Ads

50 Cent reiterated

earlier this week that super producer Dr. Dre will not be collaborating with The

Game on The Doctor’s Advocate, the Compton neophyte’s second


In an interview with Miss Jones and the Hot 97 morning show,

50 Cent drastically countered claims by The Game, who has already started on

his sophomore effort.

“He [Dr. Dre] knows what the kid [The Game] just did and

that’s it. I’m not working on [The Game’s new album] and he’s

not working on it,” said 50 Cent. “He’s just got to go in

and make good records. Of course, he’ll probably name [his album The Doctor’s Advocate] to make people think [Dre] is involved.”

The Game has already contradicted 50’s claims when discussing

The Doctor’s Advocate.

"It's the same format at The Documentary. If it

aint broke don't fix it," Game told AllHipHop.com. "I am still with

Dre and I'm working with some of the best producers.”

Despite his rival’s contention, 50 Cent said that his personal conversations

Dr. Dre, his history with The Game and his contributions to The Documentary

project were reason enough not to work with the Compton rapper.

“I’ve had communications with Dre since [he appeared on the BBC radio]. My reason for saying it is…nobody can take anything

away from Dre. We don’t have any issues,” 50 said. “See, Dre

knows exactly how much I did for Game’s project. I wrote six songs on

his album. Three of them are his first three singles and I was on the records

to make people listen to them.”

Game vehemently denied that 50 Cent wrote six songs, but maintained

that they did collaborate creatively.

“We got an understanding. Everything is good,” 50


In related news, Paramount has removed posters advertising 50

Cent’s new movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” that featured

the rapper brandishing two handguns.

The posters drew

the wrath of various community groups in Los Angeles, California, who said the

posters were insensitive due to the rise in gun violence in urban communities.