50 Cent Says He Isn't Out For Trouble

50 Cent and Lloyd Banks were released from police

custody after they were arrested for gun charges in front of a nightclub in

Manhattan New York early Tuesday (Dec 31) morning.

50 Cent posted $10,000 bond on Tuesday, while

Bank's amount was lower. All of the suspects were released with the exception

of Jean Bernard, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Queens, New

York. The hired driver of the vehicle was not charged.

Shortly before his arrest, 50 Cent claimed that

he wasn't as much trouble as people perceive. "I think people think that

I set out for trouble," he told AllHipHop.com. "But once they get

around me they realize that ain’t what it is."

Looking toward the future, 50 said that signing

the deal with Eminem has not caused any drastic changes in his lifestyle.

“One thing I know for sure is I am content

with myself," he continued. "I see the expectation that people have

around me. Signing the deal, it makes no difference, because the people that

might wish I do bad, I’m already doing better than people would expect

me to do. So, I’m on cloud nine. I can only do better because of my space

right now.”