50 Cent Says He Will Not Meet With Minister Farrakhan

Rapper 50 Cent

said he will not meet with The Nation Of Islam's Minister Louis Farrakhan, despite

an offering by the spiritual leader to mediate tensions between Ja Rule, 50,

Murder Inc. and G-Unit.

"As far as

me meeting with Farrakhan...it's not happening," 50 told Washington D.C.'s

93.9 WKYS. "I respect [Farrakhan] and all that but it ain't going down.

Ja put himself in the position he's in and he's doing whatever he can for publicity."

Ja Rule met with

Minister Farrakhan last Thursday on a farm owned by The Nation Of Islam. Sources

told AllHipHop.com that the meeting took place at the urging of Murder Inc.

CEO Irv Gotti.

The contents of

their conversation was taped and is scheduled to run on 85 Clear Channel radio

stations across the country on November 4th, the same day that Ja Rule's latest

album, Blood In My Eye is released to retail stores.

The interview will

reach over 40 million listeners.

50 took a swipe

at "Clap Back," Ja Rule's latest release in a series

of verbal shots the men have been taking at each other.

"As far as

'Clap Back,' the beat's ok, but there's no clappin going on there. You can't

even understand his vocals."

50 and the G-Unit did enjoy an on-air rhyme session with D.C.'s hot export Blyss.