50 Cent Settles $21 Million Dollar Lawsuit

50 Cent lost a lawsuit this week stemming from an August 2003 incident in which a photographer was assaulted by the superstar rapper’s security detail.

New York Post photographer Jim Alcorn was assaulted in 2003, as he attempted to take pictures of 50 Cent as he left a Manhattan jewelry store after purchasing an $18,000 dollar watch from Jacob the Jeweler.

According to Alcorn, one of the men “cross-checked” him into one of two black Chevy Suburban’s waiting for the rapper.

Then, one of seven men hit him on the head, knocking him to the street.

To make the assault worse, Alcorn stated that one of the men that assaulted him was wearing a cast on his arm.

The men then stood over the photographer laughing, before speeding off, leaving the injured man on the street.

In December of 2004, Alcorn sued 50 Cent for $21 million in Queens County Supreme Court, claiming the rapper violated his civil rights.

The photographer revealed that the rapper, born Curtis Jackson, encouraged th unidentified men to physically attacked him, resulting in “severe and serious injuries, mental shock, and psychological trauma.”

Alcorn was rushed to the hospital and treated for neck and jaw injuries.

While a dollar figure was not made public, a lawyer for Alcorn said the photographer was “satisfied” with the settlement.