50 Cent Settles Mansion Lawsuit

AllHipHop Staff

Queens mogul 50 Cent has reached a settlement today (June 5) in his multi-million dollar lawsuit against an engineering company over incorrect mansion repair estimates.

50, real Curtis Jackson, enlisted BVH Integrated Services to conduct a thorough home inspection in 2003, prior to his purchase of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s 48,000 square foot, 52 room mansion.

According to the suit, the company estimated 50’s total repairs to be $500,000.

But after purchasing the Connecticut property for $4 million, 50 claimed his total repairs to upgrade the Farmington mansion cost him a total of $6 million.

Along with the accused, inaccurate estimate, 50 testified that he paid the firm $14,000 for their services.

Throughout the dispute, officials for BVH have denied any wrongdoing.

In their testimony, the firm argued that despite the property’s size, it was not “mansion-quality.”

BVH also stated 50’s $6 million dollar "repairs" were not regular home issues, but lavish upgrades that would be not be accounted for in a routine home inspection.

However, the company’s vice president did admit that their figure could have been inaccurate due to the low time period they had to conduct a preliminary estimate.

“It’s as helpful as it can be at that stage of the project,” BVH Vice President Greg Van Deusen told Connecticut’s Eyewitness News.

At press time, the terms of the settlement have not been made public.

50 Cent has been attempting to sell the high-priced mansion since 2007.

After dropping the price from $18.5 to $14.5 million, the G-Unit CEO finally removed the home from the market this week due to lack of interest.