50 Cent Snags 52 Room Mansion

Rapper 50 Cent

recently purchased Mike Tyson's 52-room house in Farmington, Connecticut.

The house sold

for $4.1 million dollars and in addition to the 52 rooms, includes 25 full baths

and 14 half baths.

The house has two

three story spiral staircases, several kitchens, a sauna, a hot tub, four whirlpools

and brass and marble staircases, a man made waterfall, a pond and boathouse

and tennis courts.

The 18-year old

house, which Tyson signed over to his wife as part of a divorce settlement,

is situated on 17 acres of wooded land.

It is estimated

that 50 Cent made over $18 million dollars in just over a year, fueled by the

success of his sextuplet selling album, Get Rich or Die Trying.