50 Cent Stalks DJ Khaled's Mother In Video Threat

AllHipHop Staff

50 Cent's personal attacks took an ominous and unprecedented turn last night (February 11) when the mogul released a voyeuristic clip of DJ Khaled's mother.

The video, entitled "A Psychic Told Me," begins with 50 writing a poem boasting of damaging Khaled's property and knowing his mother's whereabouts.

"Your tires got stabbed out," 50 states. "Now you know I know where you be…I know where your momma house at, now look you can see…I know where your momma work at, now look at her sleep."

The video shows a property residence and mailbox number late at night.

Also shown is a sleeping woman, alleged to be Khaled's mother, while unidentified members of 50 Cent's entourage hover around her flashing thisis50.com t-shirts.

In addition, the cameraman records photos of Khaled's family that are visible on the office desk. 50 ends the piece by warning "I'm not the kinda ni**a you should f**k with B, I'm special. I have less compassion than the average human being."

With that, gunshots ring out in the background.

While the feud is primarily between Rick Ross and 50, the G Unit CEO has repeatedly accused Khaled of instructing Ross to go after him.

Although 50 and Ross have exchanged diss records, both have put considerably more efforts into attacks outside of battle records, such as carton clips, legal documents, and websites.

Because of invasion of privacy issues, it is possible 50 Cent's viral clip may open up legal ramifications.

At press time, DJ Khaled could not be reached for comment.