50 Cent, T.I. Join Meek Mill's Boycott Of The Cosmopolitan In Vegas Over Racism

50 is onboard a growing boycott of the famous venue in Sin City.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent has a lot of clout.

In addition to producing hit albums and TV shows, his Instagram account has over 23 million followers.

50 uses his IG mostly to trash his enemies and promote his own businesses, but sometimes the mogul uses his platform to make a positive impact.

Such was the case tonight, when Fif decided to support the Philly rap star's quest to sue the Cosmopolitan over claims they are banning black rappers.

"Damn Boy, they wouldn’t let meek in 😆HA Ha ha i know he was tight. LOL THEY FOUL for that, I won’t stay at the cosmo till this is resolved," 50 Cent vowed.

Atlanta rapper T.I. chimed in as well, vowing to stay away from the hotel until a resolution has reached.

Over the weekend, security refused to let Meek and his crew on the property because they had allegedly been involved in an altercation on the premises, something the rapper and his lawyer denied.

"I'm going to take this place down because of what they did," Joe Tacopina said in a statement.

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Fiddy with his comic ways of doing things.. Nice one Man


Gotta give 50 credit for supporting Black causes; say what you want to say about his antics, but Fofty keep it 100% for his people...