50 Cent Talks With Oprah; Discusses Philosophy on Death

(AllHipHop News) In a sit down that many people never expected, 50 Cent and Oprah have connected for an introspective interview on a number of issues on her new show Oprah's Next Chapter, on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

In the converstaion, the two have dialogue about rap culture, being a father, spirituality, 50's life growing up, love, and even 50's philosophy on death.

Despite his many violent run-ins with the streets, including being shot and having grown up in an environment of where his mother was murdered, 50 does not fear death and has found a way to come to terms with death itself.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I've accepted that I'm not in control. You know and I know that when the time comes, when you have that type of situation take place, or happens to you, and you dont have an answer, you go to the concept of your higher power. And they say there is a plan for you, and if you believe in it - I used to have a issues with the plan. When you getting ready to take off [on a plane]," 50 Cent said crossing himself as he traced the sign of the cross in the air.

"I only do it one time. I don't - either pray or worry, dont do both. If you gonna sit there and say a prayer and then worry, then how does God feel about you? He knows you sitting there worrying."

While the two had a nice conversation at 50's grandmother's house, in the past, the pair did not get along.

50 even named his dog after Oprah and it was widely believed that Oprah did not like rappers.

Rappers Ice Cube, Ludacris, 50 Cent and others chastised Oprah for supposedly turning a cold shoulder to Hip-Hop.

But many were mistaken as Oprah has fondness for several Hip-Hop songs.

“I listen to some hip-hop. You know, I’ve been accused of not liking Hip-Hop, and that’s just not true. I got a little 50 on my iPod. I really do. 'Love In Da Club.' - Love that, and you know, love Jay-Z, love Kanye, love Mary J,” told Ed Lover on New York's Power 105 back in 2006.

The two-hour interview is broken down into two parts and debuts this upcoming Sunday (June 10th) at 9 p.m., EST, on the OWN cable network.

Check out a short clip from the interview below: