50 Cent Wants The New Dodge, Discussing Interior Design With Louis Vuitton

Taking time to indulge

in a little decadence before unleashing his Valentine's Day Massacre,

50 Cent is planning to bedeck his palatial Connecticut mansion with Louis Vuitton

fashions and has also requested the new Dodge Charger from DaimlerChrysler.

50 Cent, real name Curtis

Jackson, reportedly told the publisher of DUB magazine that he wanted to be

one of the first to cruise in DaimlerChrysler's new Dodge Charger.

The brawny sedan was exhibited

at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and will be available

to the public this spring.

Not slow to snatch up an

offer from a multi-platinum rapper who could possibly increase sales, Chrysler

is using 50's appeal as a marketing ploy for their Charger.

In a press conference, Dieter

Zetsche, CEO and President of Chrysler Group, mentioned that 50 already possesses

the Chrysler 300 and is looking to add the Charger to his collection.


two 50 Cent purchases, now, we're up to a buck," said Zetsche.

Chrysler's 300 has made

guest appearances in several rap videos, including 50's and Snoop Dogg's.

Snoop reportedly told Zetsche

in a voice-mail message, "If you want this car to blow, give it to me."

Chrysler sold more than

60,000 300's in as little as five months, with scores of customers still ruminating

on waiting lists.

Last August, sales of Chrysler

cars increased 43 percent from 2003.

50 has also called on Louis

Vuitton, which has undoubtedly benefited from numerous rap shout-outs, to garnish

his Farmington, Connecticut pad.

The Queens-bred rapper is

reportedly in talks with Louis Vuitton to plaster the walls of the 18-bedroom

house with Vuitton's signature "LV" logo.

But Fiddy allegedly wants

the work done for free.

"Louis Vuitton

wants some money," a source told the New York Post, "but

50 is saying they will get publicity for it, so they are discussing that now."

50 purchased the mansion, which includes 38 bathrooms and a 3500 square foot

disco, from boxer Mike Tyson for $4 million last year.