50 Cents Attacks Rick Ross on New Track "Try Me"

AllHipHop Staff

Following a perceived subliminal diss in the Rick Ross track "Mafia Music," mogul 50 Cent has decided to strike back at the Miami rapper.

Last night 50’s diss track "Try Me," which exacerbates questions on Ross' credibility as a previously employed corrections officer, hit the Internet.

In the song, 50 raps:

"Officer Ricky! Radio for backup/See yo' ass anyway you know I'm gonna act up/You wanna play with me but I now I wanna play/Have n***as rip the skin off your ass in broad day/Screaming boss n***a you ain't a boss/Pussy n***a you lost/Listen Officer Ross/I tell you straight suckin' d**k/Trying to come subliminal/Because your ass the police/My n***as is criminals."

Last summer, tensions began between the two camps 50's website thisis50.com published various photoshop ops of Rick Ross in various comedic police uniforms.

At the end of the track, 50 again attempts to bait Lil Wayne, referring to Ross as an "appetizer" and the New Orleans native being "the full course meal."

Acknowledging Wayne's leaked warning shot "Louisianimal" and his repeated attempts to reach out to Eminem for collaboration, 50 dismissively tells Lil Wayne he has to go through him to have an audience with the Detroit star.

While working on completing his fourth album Before I Self-Destruct, 50 Cent has taken aim at various emcees over perceived and actual slights.

In the last few months, the mogul has also called Nas' career "ice cold" over the legend's swipe in "Queens Get the Money," and referred to Kanye West as a "fa**ot" in a recent track.

At press time, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross could not be reached for comment.