$50 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against 50 Cent Tossed

AllHipHop Staff

Mogul 50 Cent has won the latest battle in his ongoing legal war with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins.

The New York Supreme Court has dismissed Tompkins' breach of contract allegation against her former beau.

Last year, Tompkins filed the $50 million dollar lawsuit against 50, real name Curtis Jackson.

In the case, Tompkins claimed that while she and 50 were together, the rapper made an agreement to split half of his future earnings with her.

Under the alleged rules of the agreement, Tompkins would remain at home and take care of their son.

This arrangement would give 50 time to fulfill commitments required for his music career, such as studio time, interviews, label meetings, and shows.

According to Tompkins, 50 reneged on this arrangement after becoming a superstar following the release of his multi-platinum debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.

50's lawyer, Brett Kimmel released a statement yesterday (February 5) applauding the court decision.

"I just received word that 50's motion for summary judgment has been granted," Kimmel said. “Shaniqua Tompkin's $50,000,000 lawsuit has been dismissed, in its entirety, with prejudice. Once again, justice prevails."

The former couple has been at odds since early last year when 50 won a court order to have Tompkins and his son removed from his Long Island mansion.

When the property mysteriously burned down in a raging fire, both parties accused the other of arson.

To date, both have multi-million dollar lawsuits against each other over the accusation.

At press time, 50 Cent is continuing his media campaign against Miami rival Rick Ross, in preparation for the release of his long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct.