$50 Million Dollar Piracy Ring Smashed

Atlanta, Georiga police with

the help of federal agents, broke up what they called one of the largest CD

piracy rings in the country. Police believe the organziation pirated copyrighted

material with a market value of over $50 million dollars.

The ring was allegedly operated

by a Lawrenceville, Georgia man named Khalid "DJ Rock" Satary and

had been operating since 1999.

Satary, 31, and

four other men were named in the 15 count indictment. Garland Wayne Ethridge,

53, Carl Wisdom Smith, 50, Abedullah F. Al-Qudah, 31, Akram Abdelrahman Yacoub,

38, of Lawrenceville and Dalton Mark Howell, 48, were also charged.

Satary had nine

manufacturing plants to produce the pirated CD's and three stores to sell them.

Over 127,00 CD's were confiscated.

The CD's, which

included The Beastie Boys, Tupac, Soulja Slim, Ashanti, The Jackson 5 and The

Commodores, were sold for between $5 and $15.

"The victims

of piracy operations like these are local legitimate music retailers trying

to make a living, as well as record companies, artists, songwriters and everyone

else involved in bringing music to the public," said Cary Sherman, president

of the Recording Industry Association of America.