50 Shows Up In Queens Despite Nixed Concert

AllHipHop Staff

Police may nixed a proposed 50 Cent concert in his old Queens, New York neighborhood, but that didn't stop the rapper from making an impromptu visit.

50 Cent made an appearance in Southside Jamaica, Queens on Sunday, (August 30), just one day after busing hundreds of children from the neighborhood to Six Flags, Great Adventure in New Jersey.

50, dressed in a white tee and a New York Yankees fitted cap, stood on the street surrounded by hundreds of excited fans, who took pictures and videos with the homegrown celebrity.

He walked a few blocks while hundreds of fans followed, all the while being shadowed by the New York Police Department.

While 50 made the brief appearance, it was far less than he had hoped for, after plans for a Family Day event and performance fell apart.

The rapper was unable to receive the necessary permits to host the event in Queens, due to security fears and crowd control concerns.

50 told MTV News that the likelihood of hosting a Family Day was slim.

"I attempted to create Family Day in my actual neghborhood for the kids that couldn't get chaperones to bring them on the actual buses to enjoy this," 50 Cent said. "'Cause I'm one of those kids that wouldn't have had a chaperone...I had Staples, Home Depot, a lot of independent businesses in the community that were supportive and a part of it. But then what I ran into was a lot of standards placed on me doing the event because of my association to it."

50 Cent is currently preparing the release of his fourth major label album, Before I Self Destruct, which is due in stores on November 3.