5th Annual Hip-Hop Appreciation Week Begins

The 5th annual Hip-Hop Appreciation week kicked

off today (May 13-20). The event is designed to promote positively within the

hip-hop community. The week is also designed to continue decriminalizing hip-hop's

's public image and promote the unity of "Hip-Hop" culture so that

Hip-hoppas may form a "Common Spirit" amongst each other.

In a statement on organizer Krs-One's

official site, templeofhiphop.org,

the aesthetics of the week are broken down.


Take this time to give thanks. Show gratitude toward others or toward your God.

Give encouragement; it matters!

At the very least:

-Thank a neighbor.

-Thank a single parent who tirelessly committed his/her self to his/her children.

-Thank your own parents or grandparents for their commitment to you.

-Thank a friend for their loyal friendship and support.


Give thanks to those who have influenced you in the past. Donate money, clothing,

food or computers to your favorite charity as a form of gratitude.

Graf Artists

Include the dates of HIPHOP Appreciation week in your artwork. Take your crew

and visit a local school, prison or youth home to talk about gratitude. Design

flyers for HIPHOP Appreciation Week.


Talk to everyone you know about HIPHOP Appreciation Week. Take your crew and

visit a youth center or local school to educate them regarding B-Boys/B-Girls

and HIPHOP Kulture. Pass out flyers and information on HIPHOP Appreciation Week.


Play more conscious Rap and classics. Showcase a specific artist that has influenced

your style. Give them public thanks. Include HIPHOP Appreciation Week information

in your mixtape info sheets. Talk to everyone you know about HIPHOP Appreciation


Radio stations

Upgrade your conscious Rap music programming. Have your mix show DeeJays cut,

scratch and play conscious Rap music classics. Have the visiting Rap artist

do radio drops in celebration of HIPHOP Appreciation Week™ with this year's

theme of Gratitude. You can also do interviews on the techniques of settling

disputes, interacting with the youth of today, and domestic relations.

Television Stations

Upgrade your conscious Rap video programming. Produce or re-air shows that explain

the History of "Hip-Hop." You can air the following movies Wild Style,

Krush Groove, Beat Street and/or Rhyme and Reason. You can also do interviews

on Gratitude and the meaning of commitment.

HIPHOP and Rap Publications

You can interview HipHop's originators on HipHop's history, meaning and purpose.

Its been an estimated 32 years since the emergence of our modern HIPHOP expressions

and 23 years since the first major Rap recording. With this in mind, you can

give thanks to HIPHOP as the greatest inner-city strategy toward Health, Love,

Awareness and Wealth.

Internet subscribers

Those that have legitimate web sites, and would like to support HIPHOP Appreciation

Week™ can contact us.

Politicians and Government Officials

Support HIPHOP Appreciation Week™ by issuing a proclamation that recognizes

the third week of May as HIPHOP Appreciation Week™. You can

contact us for assistance with the proclamation's language. Schedule public

appearances at any of our various lectures during HIPHOP Appreciation Week to

discuss the importance of "productive" HIPHOP

Educators and Student Groups

Hold discussions on the future of HIPHOP, HipHop's kulture and HipHop's expressions.

You can also organize lectures on the preservation of HIPHOP and its contribution

to popular kulture, worldwide. A discussion on HipHop's African roots can also

be effective.

The Temple of HIPHOP has lecturers that can speak

on the subject. Elementary to High school students can do reports on issues

such as "Rap and its influence on youth," "Graffiti Art verses

Vandalism," "the responsibility of the Deejay," "When I

grow up, I want to be a Rapper, Breaker, Graffiti artist, Deejay, etc., and

why?" and "How HIPHOP has affected my family." The can also give

HIPHOP thanks through essay writing.

We also urge you to contact other HIPHOP organizations

such as Zulu Nation, the Rock Steady Crew, the Rap Coalition, Rhythm Cultural

Institute for more ways to show HIPHOP Gratitude.

News Media

Print, video and/or audio formats can alert the public before, during and after

HIPHOP Appreciation Week™ on our theme of "Gratitude." In addition

to our main theme of Gratitude, it is of great importance that you report the

fact that HIPHOP has taken an initiative to "clean its own act up."

Not that we are on a "bash gangster Rap crusade," but that some of

us have matured and would like to project a more responsible kultural image

to the public. Phone interviews can be scheduled.

Recording and Clothing Companies

Donate print advertisements in various HIPHOP and Rap magazines that salute

the importance of modern HIPHOP Kulture and advertise HIPHOP Appreciation Week™.

Raise funds to reproduce HIPHOP Appreciation Week literature, and next year's

HIPHOP History Month literature. Put together a fundraiser for a local charity

giving thanks to HIPHOP Make sure your artists and employees get involved in

the weeks activities.

And Finally...

During HIPHOP Appreciation Week™ (May 13th-20st, 2002) Hiphoppas are advised

to lessen their intake of sugar, salt, dairy and flour.