6ix9ine Fires Managers; Federal Agents Seek Second Suspect In Kidnapping

AllHipHop Staff

6ix9ine decided to clean house today.

(AllHipHop News) Troubled Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is trying to get a handle on his career.

The rapper hit up Instagram and said he fired his entire management team.

6ix9ine also got rid of his booking agent and his publicist today, in addition to scrapping several upcoming shows.

"They will steal your money, they're not me, I'm not signing f##king contracts, that don't got nothing to do with me. whoever is booking shows with Tekashi 6ix9ine, is stealing your f##king money," 6ix9ine said.

"Whoever you used to see me with, they no longer fucking around," the rapper fumed.

It might actually be in his best interest, considering the fact that federal agents recently arrested a former member of his management team, who is accused of kidnapping and pistol-whipping him.

And, last month his ex-manager Shottie was released on $1,000,000 bail after he was accused in a gang assault that left a member of his own entourage shot in the stomach.

According to sources, federal agents are also seeking a second man who was associated with his management, whom they believed was involved in the kidnapping back in July.

In his Instagram post, Tekashi warned promoters not to be scammed by people trying to represent him, since he has no agent and plans to focus on the upcoming release of his album Dummy Boy.

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he's dead. they not letting him walk away. Its blood in and blood out.