6ix9ine's Victim Discusses Him Not Being Able To Come Home For Christmas

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"He needs to be totally financially bankrupt and burdened like he's done so many other people."

(AllHipHop News) Daniel "Tekashi 6ix9ine" Hernandez was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to racketeering and firearms charges and testifying against his Nine Trey Gang affiliates. The "Gummo" rapper is expected to be released before the end of 2020.

While many of Tekashi's fans were hoping he would walk free on Wednesday, at least one person is happy the convicted felon will be behind bars for this holiday season. Skyy Daniels, a victim of a 6ix9ine-connected attack, wrote an impact statement to the judge. She is now speaking out publicly about the case.

"The best thing about the two-year sentence - I did not want him to be able to come home for Christmas to his family," said Daniels in an interview. "Because you know where I was last year for Christmas with my family? I was in the hospital. I was away from my children. I was away from my grandchildren. I was away from my parents. I was in hiding in a hospital, suffering from a mental breakdown."

Daniels was one of the mistaken individuals held at gunpoint in New York City by Nine Trey Bloods as Tekashi reportedly recorded the incident from a vehicle. The publicist went on to say she believes justice was served because Hernandez was not with his family this year. In addition, it appears she is considering legal action against 6ix9ine.

"He owes me everything that he has. He owes all of us. He needs to be totally financially bankrupt and burdened like he's done so many other people," declared Skyy. "He absolutely needs to pay our medical bills, her pain and suffering, her mental anguish, her emotional anguish. This has been very stressful and traumatic to all of us."