7-Eleven Preparing Market Test Of Pimp Juice

The Chief Executive

Officer of the 7-Eleven has announced that the convenience store chain will

carry Nelly's energy drink Pimp Juice in select stores, despite being the subject

of threatened boycott, due to the drink's controversial name.

"You can't

underestimate the bottom line here. The opportunity is terrific," Jim Keyes,

CEO of 7-Eleven told the USA Today.

The company is

preparing a market test of the drink, which has shipped over one million cans

since it's official release.

Nelly fended off

criticism of the drink on MTV's TRL in September. "Pimp Juice is nothing

derogatory, it's an energy drink. It's not an alcoholic beverage or nothing

like that. I'm a big fan of sports. With The St. Lunatics, we need a lot of

energy. We're constantly working."

The drink currently

has distribution in Miami, Chicago, all of Louisiana, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Las

Vegas, Seattle, all of Missouri, the Caribbean and Jamaica.