7th Annual Holy Hip-Hop Week Kicks Off In January

The Fellowship of the Holy Hip-Hop, in conjunction with Christian Ministries Rap Fest and Flavor Fest, will host its 7th annual Holy Hip-Hop Artist Showcase and Music Awards during Holy Hip-Hop Week.

The festivities will take place Jan. 8-17, 2007 in Atlanta.

The awards will aim to "bring a mission to proliferate hip-hop ministry worldwide without compromise or delay."

This year, the Tri-Alliance plans on honoring certain ministers who spread the gospel worldwide.

The showcase will be held in conjunction with Dr. M.L.K. Week at the Center Stage, formerly Earth Link Live.

Kelly Glow and "Da Preachin Puerta Rican" Eddie Velez will host the Holy Hip-Hop showcase, while the Go Ye DJ's will spin records.

Past Hip-Hop Artist Showcase and Music Awards Honorees included EMC, God's Army, Japhia Life, Tony Stone, Shei Atkins, and Kennie Randall.