88-Keys Announces Upcoming New Song “That’s Life” Featuring Mac Miller & Sia

"We all have to forge through the good, the bad and the ugly."

(AllHipHop News) It has been nine months since the death of Mac Miller. Some followers of the Pittsburgh spitter are still grieving his untimely passing. Malcolm McCormick's fans will get to hear his voice once again on an upcoming track. Producer/artist 88-Keys is set to release “That’s Life” featuring Mac and singer-songwriter Sia on June 20. 

“That’s Life” is the first solo song from 88-Keys in 8 years. The New York-raised beat maker describes the record as a summation of the music he's been working on over the past few years. According to Warner Records, Miller's family gave their blessing for the song. The two Grammy-nominated creators originally recorded the collaboration together in NYC.

"We all have to forge through the good, the bad and the ugly. Mac came up with the concept for the song stemming from a conversation we had in the studio about relationships as we shared with each other what made the ones we were in at the time special," reveals 88-Keys.

The Hip Hop veteran continues, "I played the song for Sia and she personally identified with the sentiments of the song and felt strongly about contributing her own thoughts on the subject matter. At the end of it all, my dear friend Mac and my new found friend Sia helped me make a song to touch the world and help many deal with adversities we’re faced with, but 'That’s Life.'”

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