8Ball & Devius Talk 'The Vet & The Rookie' Album

Legendary Memphis rapper 8Ball of 8Ball & MJG is teaming up with upcoming rapper Devius to release their first collaborative effort, The Vet & The Rookie which is due in stores this October.

The project will be released on 8Ball's 8Ways Entertainment label through a distribution deal with RBC Records.

Memphis veteran 8Ball was impressed with the local up and coming MC, after being introduced to his music through various friends.

"His style, his delivery and his voice...they remind me of a young me," 8Ball. said.

"8Ball came up with the title," Devius said. "It's self-explanatory because its my first time out as far as getting major shine. Out of everybody thats been in the game for years and years, I am the first person to do an album with 8Ball other than MJG. That says a whole lot for me. It throws me for a loop everytime I think about it."

The majority of production on The Vet & The Rookie was handled by Montana Trax.

Although The Vet & The Rookie is a joint venture, both 8Ball and Devius recorded solo songs for the album.

Devius shows his skills on "Beat the Breaks," while 8Ball gives his classic style on the more soul and rock single "Never Fold."

The first single and video off of the new CD entitled "EraBody Kno Me" is in rotation on BET and MTV.

Other songs from the album include "Ice Cream," "Street Dream," and "Beat tha Breaks."

The Vet & The Rookie is in stores October 9th.