8Ball & MJG Are Bad Boys, Puff Has A New Home

Memphis duo 8Ball and MJG have signed to Sean

"P.Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Record

label. Originally signed to the defunct JCOR Records, the duo is signed as a

group, but not as solo acts. Their deal is worth 7 figures, according to reports.

Bad Boy retains the right of first refusal of each of the artists solo releases.

8Ball said that they signed to Bad Boy because of the creative freedom the label

allows. Diddy signed the group on the heels of delivering his final record to

Arista. We Invented The Remix fulfilled Puff's obligation to Arista,

and he is leaving on a high note. With the success of "I Need A Girl Part

2," the remix album is expected to debut at number 1 on Billboard's album

charts. Cameron's Roc-A-Fella released Come Home With Me, will land at

number 2.

After launching his label with the help of Arista/BMG,

Diddy has found a new home."We're in negotiations on another situation,"

Combs said in an interview with Reuters last week. "Our deal was up, and

we had a great run with Arista, and we appreciate everything. But it's time

for us to get bigger, man. It's time for us to go to the next level."

Despite persistent rumors, Puff told Reuters

that Carl Thomas, Faith Evans and Dream are still with Bad Boy. Black Rob and

G-Dep will also stay within the fold.

While Combs or Bad Boy have yet to announce where

the new deal will be, AllHipHop.com sources have revealed that Puff is taking

his Bad Boy imprint to Sony Records. According to sources, Puff and lawyer Allen

Grubman are just tying up loose ends related to contracts.