8th Annual Power Summit Aims To Connect Players In Entertainment Biz

The 8th annual Power Summit (formerly known as the Mixshow Power

Summit) will take place this year in Our Lucaya, Bahamas, according to The RPM

Group, the company that hosts the event.

Held from September 28th through October 1st - this year's conference

hopes to provide opportunities for individuals to reach some of the most influential

leaders in music and entertainment.

“The Power Summit provides a rare opportunity to reach

the most influential trendsetters in entertainment," RPM founder and President

Rene McLean said.

Through the years, the summit's focus has always been the importance

of the DJ, something McLean set out to accomplish when the event first was created.

"Eight years ago, we created this conference to recognize

DJ's for their important role in Hip-Hop's surge from the streets to the forefront

of popular culture and trends," McLean added. "I wanted to ensure

that the DJ's got proper credit for their influence, because they are the driving

force of the Hip-Hop community."

This years Power Summit will be full of industry notables and

will feature panel discussions and events attended by some of the biggest names

in the game.

Some of last years guests included Snoop Dogg, Game, Kanye West,

Lil' Jon, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep, Keisha Cole and many others.

Event highlights will include the Music Showcase, a $50,000

MC Battle, a $50,000 producer battle, a Gaming Zone, a Basketball Tournament

and the Award Ceremony.