9th Wonder Talks New Album 'The Wonder Years'

North Carolina-based producer 9th Wonder is preparing to hit the ground running in 2008 with the release of his forthcoming album The Wonder Years.

The Asylum Records release will introduce listeners to the beat maker’s first R&B artist Tyler Woods, in addition to featuring collaborations with established artists such as Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Teedra Moses, Mos Def, Little Brother and Erykah Badu.

As for the music on The Wonder Years, fans can "expect bigger sounding beats, more expansion of my sound," according to 9th Wonder, who referenced his work with a diverse array of artists as of the reasons behind the musical expansion.

"There will be an element of classic, throwback R&B, but with a current twist," 9th Wonder explained. "With this album I'm not only defining myself, but I'm defining people in my age group. It's not necessarily an underground or overground thing, you just want to find the music that fits you and where you are in your life right about now. That's what The Wonder Years is for me."

Fans expecting a hardcore Hip-Hop album will find a different vibe from 9th Wonder as the producer admits to going in a different direction.

"This is a lifestyle album," explained 9th Wonder, who produced Erykah Badu‘s latest single "Honey."

"You're going to get some younger people who will enjoy this, but my main demographic is women who have careers, women who like to sit in the house and relax as they listen to it," the producer said.

The Wonder Years is the follow up to 9th Wonder’s previous musical offering, Dream Merchant Vol. 2.

The first single from the new album will be announced soon.

"My calling is soul music - just good for the soul and good to listen to," 9th Wonder said. "It's more reminiscent of the great pantheon of Black music, and I want to be mentioned in that somewhere."

9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years is slated to hit stores on Jan. 29, 2008.