A$AP F3RG Explains "Trap Lord" Moniker; Says President Obama is a "Trap Lord"

(AllHipHop News) A$AP F3RG from the A$AP Mob recently sat down with Sway from Sirius/XM's "Sway in the Morning" radio show.

Since being featured on A$AP Mob mixtapes and countless singles of his own, A$AP F3RG has quickly emerged as one of the A$AP Mob's strong suits over the last year.

A$AP F3RG has been tied into the rap game for some time, because his father had a well-known t-shirt and logo designing business that acquired clients like P Diddy and others, who needed logos for their label.

On the "Sway in the Morning" show, hosts Sway and Heather B spoke with A$AP F3RG about the definition of a '"trap lord" and what it means to him.

"Ay trap lord is the trill rap lord. Like like Robin Hood of the hood. It's basically like you trappin, but you got the lord on you conscious," A$AP F3RG explained on Sirius/XM's Sway in the Morning. "Basically like gangster disciples."

"Pac was a trap lord. Pac had a lil thug in him, thuggish ruggish - you know, but he still had the Lord on his mind. DMX was a trap lord," A$AP F3RG said. "It's not even about a music thing, it's a culture thing, it's what you come from. Not just rapper, just anybody. You can be a Trap Lord and be from the suburbs, it's just that little self inside your self."

When asked by Sway if he felt that President Obama was a trap lord, A$AP said "definitely," elaborating that a "trap lord" doesn't necessarily mean an individual is selling drugs.

"We need to applaud for the that, President Obama is a trap lord definitely because if you come from where I come from then you know 'trapping' is not just selling drugs. I never sold drugs a day in my life, but trappin is trapping is whatever you got," A$AP F3RG told Sway. "You could be trapping music, some people sell music on the street, CD's and stuff like that. Trapping could be t-shirts, trapping could be selling fake Rolex's, whatever to get by. Its all wrong, its like the black market, but you know you need to go back and put food on your table at home."

No word on when A$AP F3RG's solo mixtape will be released, but fans of A$AP F3RG can check his music on the A$AP Mob mixtape called "Lord$ Never Worry" via LiveMixtapes.

He will also be on A$AP Rocky's upcoming debut solo project called LONG.LIVE A$AP, where F3RG is showcased on the track "Ghetto Symphony," which also features Maybach Music Group's Gunplay.