A$AP Rocky's Swedish Lawyer Says Rapper Is Terrified And Calls Brawl Catastrophe

AllHipHop Staff

A$AP's Swedish lawyer talks about the rapper's brawl in Stockholm.

(AllHipHop News) The lawyer representing A$AP Rocky in an assault case in Sweden has labeled the incident a "catastrophe."

Police in Stockholm arrested Rocky on Tuesday (July 2), over an assault which took place in the city on Sunday (June 30).

"The court found that he’s suspected of an assault, but not a severe assault as the prosecutor wanted," said Henrik Olson Lilja, the lawyer representing A$AP Rocky.

A$AP Rocky and three associates were involved in a street fight with two men after an argument over headphones turned physical.

His bodyguard has been released without being charged.

But the rap star was caught on tape attacking a man while his crew pummeled the guy with a barrage of punches and kicks during the street fight.

A$AP Rocky posted his own footage showing the men following the rapper and harassing him, just before all hell broke loose.

Earlier this week, a judge allowed investigators to hold the rapper in solitary confinement for the next two weeks, as they investigate the case in an attempt to charge the rapper with aggravated assault.

"The court, unfortunately, found that there is a risk of him leaving the country, which is very unfortunate and I really don’t understand why the court would find that because this is a very famous artist of course and he would be very glad to come back to a court trial later on," Henrik Olson Lilja said.

If A$AP Rocky is convicted, he could be looking at six years in prison.

"He’s terrified, this is a catastrophe," Henrik Olson Lilja said.