A Better Way To Promote & Sell Your Music; The “Listen, Buy, & Sell” Movement Has Begun!

4Fame founder Kevin Linney has just launched a new peer-to-peer community based music sales program, which allows artists and fans the opportunity to sell music together. Now, artists can employ their most loyal and supportive fans by having them help promote and sell their music for a portion of the profit. The peer-to-peer business model has been successful for companies such as Uber and Airbnb - and 4fame.com is now applying it to the music world. This new method will revolutionize the way artists connect and collaborate with fans.

With physical album sales diminishing and streaming services taking over, it's believed music will no longer sell like it once did. However, this is false. If music is no longer profitable, then why are companies like iTunes and Spotify still profiting, while the artists only makes a percentage of a dollar for their hard work. Kevin Linney - founder and CEO of 4fame.com - developed 4fame to combat the new trend of artists giving away all their music for free.

I believe that anytime a music artists gives away his/her music for free, it devalues the music. Music artists are contributing to a culture of consumers that expect to get free music. This trend needs to stop. So, I created a new peer-to-peer selling model, which will financially reward fans for helping to sell the music of their favorite artists.

The old models of selling music are no longer viable. This new concept is about artists and fans building together. Kevin also shared the importance of believing your music can sell;

Artists need to believe in their talent and understand that their passion and creativity can sell if they tap into a supportive fan base. Music isn’t about likes, views, and followers. It’s about connecting with truly supportive fans that want to help build music careers."

Both artists and fans can join the 4fame movement (for free), giving each side of the industry an opportunity to help music flourish once again.