A-List Atlanta Hip-Hop Acts Star In '20 Funerals'

Hip-Hop stars Big

Boi of Outkast, Lil' Jon & the East Side Boyz, Killer Mike, Slimm Calhoun,

Big Gipp, Now City, and Konkrete are some of the artists featured in the new film

"20 Funerals."

The film is directed by Anghus Houvouras, who has done "Fearsome"

and "Thugs Got Game," and stars DJ Naylor.

Set in the streets of Atlanta, the film revolves around four

cops who witness one of their fellow officers killed during a drug deal gone


The four cops then decide to stop arresting criminals and start

burying them.

"20 Funerals" debuts on DVD June 7 on Koch Vision

and is a Swirl Films Production. The DVD will include

Spanish subtitles, surround sound, photo gallery and behind-the-scenes footage.

For more information

visit www.20funerals.com.