A Recovering 40 Glocc Sends More Shots At Wack 100!


by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) 40 Glocc hasn’t even fully healed from being shot in the chest and the arm, and he’s already back on social media threatening Wack 100.

I’m going to need him to relax and heal before he decides to exercise those keyboard thuggin’ fingers.

Apparently 40 got word that Wack 100 was still throwing dirt on his name despite the fact that he’d just been shot.

That didn’t stop 40 from firing back some shots of his own to Wack!

Was Wack wrong for still talking about this man after he [could’ve] almost lost his life, or is it once an enemy, always an enemy? It’s good to see that 40 was able to pull through.



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