A Response For Big Hats, Bigger Hate

This is a response for Jean Grae’s article Big Hats, Bigger Hate on 4/2/03.

If it’s a Trend, Rock it then.

If we are going to point and shoot at one fashion phase of hip-hop, let’s say Big Fitted Hats, We the People of the Hood might as well set bombs to niggas that rock flamingo colored pink minks, and bitches that boast bootleg Prada pocketbooks at parties. I got an eye for knock offs shorty, now that trend needs to be rejected.

However, the attacks on cats that sport Big Hats are so lame... Say lame the way Jay-Z did on the Takeover track. Why? Because we all know if let’s say, 50 Cent dipped in a Big Hat pulled up in his big thing attached with chrome, just about any bitch with an agenda and money motive would hop in, even if they hated his hat. And if so, wouldn’t that defeat the debate?

Yeah, the oversize everything trend is somewhat overdone, but I must admit there is something sexy about the extra room in a Fitted Hat. Especially when the cool kid on the corner is rocking a spot-less wife-beater with stain-less Tims. Oh, don’t forget the don must have tattoos on his mountainous arms. Feel me.

As I mentioned in the intro paragraph, there are numerous trends that will make a fashion fiend say “but why would they do that?” But who is to say what you or I find official attire, is not straight corn to an outsider looking in. “Did Kay really rock that?” Sure she did, who’s fucking asking, the fashion police? Fuck them, they probably rock bootleg Manolo’s, yeah the construction color Steve Madden one’s. Negative.

By nature, hood stylists dare to be different, that’s exactly why urban trendsetters don’t duplicate the tight suburban suit fads. Go figure, we are a product of the hip-hop culture. We’ll divorce any style at any moment when the love fades. Sometimes we get ooh’s… for how we put it down or boo’s. It doesn’t matter, because ones trend of choice doesn’t need support from haters. Hundreds of companies get millions and billions per year by backing us.

However, I find ignorance in the almost spazzin’ on a nigga attempt, because his Big Hat approach “in da club” was off. You can’t do that. Especially if your not checking a nigga when he spends your bankroll buying the next chick a Coach bag. The two don’t size up. But oh yeah, we’re talking about things being too big, not things being right. I hope you got that analogy.

My response to Jean Grae’s: Big Hats, Bigger Hate is not out of disrespect. We’re all writers with various points of views. But I am writing to defend those who look in the mirror and say, “Okay then, I like this look.” It’s a sign of confidence. And I like that. Actually that same stare in the mirror might be coupled with conceit. But that’s real. Who’s going to love you and your get up like you? Not a hater.

Sit and think. If a fly ass nigga in a nicely Fitted Hat (just your type) hollered, but wasn’t tricking, but a Big Fitted Hat nigga was respectively treating, which would you get at? If you go for the first, you’re sure to be fooled and stuck out in the cold, considering your hot to death fan behind door number two, could have been a perfect Fit.

Kay Konnect Of Plan B, the 617 Series