Above The Law Respond to Media About K-OSS Arrest

Members of Cali act Above

The Law, Big Hutch and KM. D, have responded to what they deem sensationalism

and unfair reporting by media outlets regarding the arrest and conviction of

Anthony "DJ K-OSS" Stewart, a friend and co-founder of the group.

In a statement to AllHipHop.com, the group members said, “We must state

that although we [don ’t] condone the actions that our brother and friend

has taken, we don’t condone the way that he and Above The Law has been

recently portrayed by those in the media. K-OSS is not a drug dealer, drug user,

nor surrounds his children around drugs and weapons, regardless of what has

been printed in the media.”

Last month, DJ K-OSS, was arrested in Riverside California and charged with

several counts of drug possession and child-endangerment. Mistakenly, the group

says that DJ K-OSS was found guilty under the law via his association with people

close to him. “He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and became friends

with those who truly weren’t friends with him,” they said.

Big Hutch and KM. G say they have sought the best legal representation for their

friend and continue to support him despite their current situation.

The group also stated that the media totally misinterpreted the meaning behind

their upcoming album title, The Diary of a Drug Dealer. "With this

new album, we hope that our listeners will see and become better educated to

the ugly side of drugs, death, and destruction,” Hutch said.

Above The Law, well known for showing the gritty side of street life, also chastised

their peers for their lyrical content. “Too many rappers have been glorifying

and promoting drug dealing and usage as if it’s a badge of honor.”

Above The Law’s Diary of a Drug Dealer will drop later this year

on The Row Records.

On April 12th, 2002 Anthony "DJ K-OSS" Stewart will face a judge for