Above The Law's Total K'Oss Pleads Guilty

Above The Law

group member Anthony Gregory Stewart, 32 and better known in rap as Total K-Oss,

pleaded guilty Friday (February 22) to drug and child-endangerment charges.

Stewart was arrested a year ago after Riverside,

California police found rock cocaine in his Sport Utility Vehicle. He plead

guilty to possessing rock cocaine for sale, transporting the drug and endangering

his girlfriends two children. His girlfriend, Arnika Harris, 29, pleaded guilty

to two counts of child endangerment. She entered a plea and will serve 120 days

in jail on the weekends and her drug charges will be dismissed. K-Oss isn't

getting off so easy- he is facing nine years in prison when he is sentenced

April 12th.

Court transcripts gave the following account:

Acting on an informant's tip, Riverside police stopped Stewart's sport utility

vehicle in the area of Highway 91 and La Sierra Avenue on Feb. 15, 2001. Officers

found about 3 ounces of rock cocaine in a plastic bag under the driver's seat.

Police then went to the defendants' apartment in Corona, where they found 4.2

pounds of rock cocaine in a backpack, along with drug paraphernalia, cash and

guns. Riverside police said the seizure was one of the department's largest


During the police search, Harris' two young

children were asleep in the apartment. The presence of guns and drugs resulted

in the child-endangerment charges.

Several gold records and recording equipment

also were inside the apartment.

Above The Law are one of the pioneers of West

Coast rap, releasing their first classic album Living Like Hustlers on Ruthless

Records, with all of the production done by Dr. Dre. The group recently signed

to Suge Knight's Tha Row records and are preparing to release their 5th album

Diary of a Drug Dealer