Accident Kills Child at Lil Boosie’s Home


Early reports from Baton Rouge, Louisiana indicate an unfortunate accident has killed a 2-year-old child at the home of rap star Lil Boosie.

by Ismael AbduSalaam and boosie

The tragic accident occurred Tuesday afternoon (December 24) when a man accidentally ran his car over his own daughter. The accident allegedly happened just after 5PM, and the young girl succumbed to her injuries roughly an hour later at a local hospital.

          The accident is said to have occurred at the Centurion  Place subdivision in Pompey. Neighbors confirmed to local news outlets  that the death occurred at the home of Boosie, who regularly hosts  gatherings for kids in the neighborhood. The child reportedly attended  the get together to play on a trampoline. The child’s parents are  reported to have a total of five children. After collecting what he  thought was all of his family, the father unknowingly backed out of the  driveway and crushed his daughter.

          Although early speculation tagged Lil Boosie as the  driver and the deceased as his daughter, those reports have not been  confirmed.

          Authorities are withholding the name of the driver and  the victim, but have confirmed no criminal charges will be filed.

          Last year, Boosie and rhyme partners Webbie and Foxx  made national waves with the popular remix single          “Wipe Me  Down,” off their all-star compilation album *Survival of the Fittest.*

At press time, Lil Boosie could not be reached for comment.