Accusations Fly In Sexual Harassment Suit Against The Source

Kim Osorio, former Editor-In-Chief

of The Source, and former vice president Michelle Joyce have filed a lawsuit

charging that they worked in an environment that was wrought with sexual harassment

and gender discrimination.

The 8-page lawsuit was

filed inside a Manhattan court today and the pair seeks an undisclosed amount

of money.

“After dedicating

five years to the Source, I could no longer endure the blatant gender discrimination

and harassment so I spoke up. But it only hurt the situation, because I was

fired shortly thereafter,” said Osorio in a statement. “Unfortunately,

discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace is very common. And now, I

must speak out for all women who have been victims of this same type of treatment.”

Osorio said that she was

abruptly fired from the company after formally complained to the company’s

Human Resources department. The Source

co-owners Ray “Benzino” Scott and Dave Mays repeatedly requested

that she repeal her complained, but she refused.

Joyce and Osorio

detailed their complaints with publication, which is helmed by Scott and Mays.

In a press release, they stated that a former managing editor would “hide

in her office and avoid walking through the corridors out of fear of being sexually

harassed.” Osorio also stated that another male employee cursed her out

and threatened her with physical violence, but was never reprimanded for his

alleged actions.

Joyce stated, “I

chose to take a stand for women of the Hip Hop generation and for all women

who quietly endure such treatment for fear of retaliation and for those women

who have suffered in silence and quietly surrendered.”

Kenneth P. Thompson,

the pair’s lawyer, also chimed in about the suit in the same press statement.

“Ms. Osorio and Ms. Joyce have shown extraordinary courage in coming forward,

and we will fully vindicate their rights at trial,” he said.

Dave Mays denied

the allegations and took aim at his accusers credibility.

"Neither of

those women ever filed any complaints during many years of working at The Source

it raises alot of questions when these types of charges are made subsequent

to valid and legitimate terminations of their employment," Mays said in

a statement. "Also it is a fact that Ms. Osorio had sexual relations with

a number of high profile rap artists during her employment as Editor-In-Chief.

Mays also said Joyce may have falsified health claims in an affort to attack

The Source upon learning she would be terminated.

"We look forward

to our day in court on this matter," Mays said.