Actor Ossie Davis, Questlove Fight Voter Intimidation

The Hip-Hop community,

generations deep, has mobilized to ensure that voters are not intimidated, misinformed

or deterred from voting in today's election.

Veteran actor Ossie

Davis and Michael Holman, of '80's hip-hop show "Graffiti Rock," have

produced a public service announcement to prevent voter intimidation. Davis,

who was featured in the Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing," offered

a compelling testimonial on the reality of voter intimidation. [To watch Davis' PSA, click here.]

Davis, said "In

the year 2000, there were political forces in Florida - and all over the South

- that tried to keep African Americans from voting. Cops were all around the

voting stations. Signs in Black neighborhoods made going to the polls sound

like going to jail. And that's not all. In some places they tried to keep people

in line from voting, when closing time came. That's against the law."

Also, Davis said

that opposing forces have tried to tell people erroneous information to stop

them from properly voting.

Agreeing, Questlove

(?Love) of The Roots accused some on the far Right of maliciously misleading


"Its gotten

so dirty that some Republicans have started handing out leaflets [pretending to be] Democrats in the hood [saying], "Don't forget Nov. 3 [as opposed to Election Day Nov. 2]. They are playing dirty."

Davis, concurred,

"There'll be new tricks this [year as well], like; telling us the election

is on November 3rd; or telling you you're not registered when you know you are;

or your name is on some phony list, like we're fools or something."

A recent report

in the Washington Post detailed early incidents of possible voter fraud. In

some places like Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, people received stationary

on county letterhead that stated "due to immense voter turnout expected

on Tuesday, the election has been extended."

The literature

urged Republicans to vote on Nov. 2 and Dems on Nov. 3.

Similar incidents

have occurred all over the nation according to a number of reports all of which

has prompted both political parties to hire scores of lawyers.

"In my 16

years as an election administrator, I've never seen anything like this,"

said Ion Sancho, supervisor of elections in Leon County, Fla. "I see it

as an expression of a political culture that has evolved in the United States

of win at any cost. It's not partisan, but it's just lie, cheat and steal, and

ethics be damned."

For those that

have any complications or feel that they have been disenfranchised out of voting,

or need immediate legal assistance, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.[To watch Davis' PSA, click here.]