Actor/Rapper Joaquin Phoenix Fights Fan at Show

AllHipHop Staff

Former actor turned rapper Joaquin Phoenix gave his act a harder edge courtesy of a mid-performance brawl with a loud heckler.

Phoenix’s show took place last night (March 11) at the LIV nightclub, located in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.

The Walk the Line star arrived four hours late, and graced the stage in a black suit, taped-up sunglasses, and his well-grown ZZ Top beard.

After rhyming lyrics that were mostly intelligible over the loud beats, Phoenix became enraged at a front row fan that relentlessly heckled him.

In the tradition of his stated influences the Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, and Chuck D, Phoenix challenged his adversary head on.

“We have a f**king b**ch in the audience,” Phoenix spat at the fan. “I’ve got a million in the bank. What have you got b**ch?”

To the delight of the fans, Phoenix then hurled himself off the stage and began assaulting the hapless heckler.

During his attack, chants of “beat him up, beat him up" were heard through the audience.

The entire incident was filmed by Phoenix’s brother-in-law Casey Affleck, who plans to release the former actor’s Hip-Hop exploits via a documentary.

Joaquin Phoenix announced back in October his intentions to quit acting to pursue a Hip-Hop career.

Allegedly, Phoenix has enlisted the help of mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs to produce his debut.

His first live performance in January was a disaster, which ended with the rookie emcee falling off the stage in mid-rhyme.

Last month, Phoenix gave a catatonic interview with David Letterman, prompting the veteran late night host and fans to question the star’s mental stability.

At press time, no charges have been filed against Phoenix over the nightclub incident.

Here is a video of the altercation: