Actor Tim Roth Says Tupac Predicted His Own Shooting Months Before He Was Killed In Las Vegas

Actor Tim Roth talked about his own racism and made a startling claim about rapper Tupac Shakur.

(AllHipHop News) During an interview with Rolling Stone, actor Tim Roth discussed his interactions with rapper Tupac Shakur during the filming of "Gridlock'd."

Roth admitted he was initially apprehensive about working with Tupac, and even tried to block the rapper's role in the 1997 film.

Roth even confessed that race played a part in his decision-making process, which at the time was way off, he admitted.

"I initially didn't want him for the role – it just shows my white ignorance. I was just this pasty-faced London boy who didn't know who he was, despite the fact that he'd gone double platinum by that point, I think," Tim Roth said.

When the original actor who was slated to play the part of Ezekiel 'Spoon' Whitmore backed out, Tupac's name surfaced up once again, to Roth's dismay.

"I just said, 'Can you get me an actual actor, for fuck's sake? Please?'" Tim Roth continued.

"I had no idea he was an actor before he was a musician, that he'd gone to the Fame school in Baltimore, none of that," Roth said.

Things did not budge until the legendary Quincy Jones stepped in at an industry party to cosign Tupac for the role.

Tim Roth ended up being thoroughly impressed with Tupac's acting abilities, however, his heavy workload and his well-publicized beefs got in the way of the rapper being able to fully concentrate on the set.

According to Tim Roth, Tupac also felt like he was going to die. The rapper seemed to have predicted his own shooting to Roth on the set of "Gridlock'd," where Pac would show up with loaded guns.

"I think there's a bullet out there with my name on it, man," Tupac told Tim Roth.

Tupac was shot and later died on September 13, just four months before "Gridlock'd" was released in 1997. The film pays tribute to the slain rapper.