Adisa Banjoko Talks 'Lyrical Swords Vol. 2

Noted author, lecturer

and veteran Hip-Hop journalist, Adisa "The Bishop" Banjoko will be releasing

his second book "Lyrical Swords Volume 2: Westside Rebellion" on January


The book is a collection of essays and interviews about the

social, spiritual and cultural trends inside Hip-Hop and features chapters on

chess and Hip-Hop, martial arts, the prison industrial complex and how Hip-Hop

failed in the last election.

The book also includes interviews with numerous rap acts, including

some that were never before published.

"I've always cared deeply about what motivates these artists,"

Banjoko told "I'm giving all Hip-Hop fans across the board,

a real look at the minds of the people who make Hip-Hop."

Some of the artists featured include GZA, Sway, Gangstarr, Run-DMC

and Jam Master Jay, Master P, Nas, RZA, Paris, Afrika Bambataa, Spider Loc,

Dilated Peoples and others.

But Banjoko also noted that his book is about more than just

the artists.

"I'm trying to solve problems with this book, uplift the

young people," he says. "I think that Hip-Hop music was made by and

for young oppressed people and I'm trying to give them the tools they need to

move forward."

For those true fans of Hip-Hop music and culture, Banjoko assures

that "Lyrical Swords Vol.2" is for them.

"Anybody who takes Hip-Hop culture seriously and wants

to see Hip-Hop in its full spectrum, accurately documented, wants to have this

book," Banjoko said.

For those who can't wait for the official release, you can email

Adisa at and you will receive 3 chapters of

the book mailed directly to you.

Also if you buy the book from

you will receive a copy of a mix CD by DJ Mike Relm, which mixes in Adisa's

speech at Harvard with Hip-Hop beats.

Banjoko will be doing a speaking tour to promote the book beginning

at the end of January.

Volume 2 is the

follow up to Banjoko's highly successful first book "Lyrical Swords: Hip-Hop

and Politics in the Mix" that can be purchased at