Adisa Banjoko Writes ‘Lyrical Swords’

Adisa Banjoko, a pioneering journalist from the Bay, has taken his skills as a scribe and applied it to his first published book, "Lyrical Swords Vol. 1: Hip Hop and Politics in the Mix.” Incidentally, the book will be released on Election Day November 2.

The book is an anthology of essays and interviews with some of Hip-Hop’s more renown personalities including rap mogul/activist Russell Simmons, Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, Everlast, Martial Arts Legend Royce Gracie, rapper/activist Paris, Mystic, Dilated Peoples’ Rakaa, Encore and others.

As a 10-year veteran, Banjoko has honed his talents as a writer and a political analyst as well.

Of his rearing, he said, “I was raised in my early days politically by my parents. In my young adult years, I was raised politically by Panthers, rebellious artists, political activists and urban educators in my world. This book is a cliff note of that journey."

Over the course of his career, Banjoko’s work has appeared in The Source, The Harvard Hip Hop Archive, XXL, VIBE,,, and he is a frequent contributor to as well.

The self-proclaimed “The Bishop of Hip Hop” recently challenged KRS-One to a public debate, one which the Blast Master declined to accept. Similarly, he claims his “One Mic” radio show, was so politically charged that he was given the pink slip from Icicle Networks.

“I knew I was doing something right, when they booted us,” Banjoko stated of his show where he interviewed Al Sharpton, Warren G, Jackie O, Paris, MC Lyte, Daz Dillenger, T-La Rock and others.

With “Lyrical Swords,” he wants to demonstrate that there are enormous issues at hand for the Hip-Hop community.

“I'm trying to get the young people of the world to arm themselves mentally and politically. On November 2nd after you go to the polls, vote for yourself and get 'Lyrical Swords.’ I'm gonna be touring the continental U.S. the next few months,” he said. “Wherever people are getting boxed outta the game by these snakes and fakes, I'm gonna be handing out these swords to liberate minds."

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