Adrien Broner Goes Nuts And Knocks A Guy Out On Las Vegas Strip

AllHipHop Staff

Adrien Broner had a meltdown over the weekend, and it ended with some guy getting put on his back.

(AllHipHop News) Boxer Adrien Broner was involved in an altercation over the weekend which left some poor guy unconscious.

Adrian was with a female companion on the Las Vegas strip snapping pictures with fans, when a confrontation occurred.

No one really knows what set Adrien Broner off, however, even his lady friend could not control the boxer's wrath, as he pushed and shoved her, as he made his way to his victim.

After giving the woman a final shove, Broner is caught on camera punching a guy square in the face.

As expected, the man was knocked unconscious by the blow. Security came and broke up the fight, and allowed Adrien Broner to leaves the scene.

So far, no charges have been filed in the incident. Take a look at the footage below: