Afeni Shakur's Life Story Comes To The Big Screen In 'Dear Mama'

Young Noble of Tupac's group The Outlawz and upcoming director Omar "Ice Man" Sharif (American Rap Stars) have announced that their production company, HollyHood Filmz, has acquired the motion picture rights to Dear Mama: The Life Story of Afeni Shakur.

Dear Mama, which is being produced in conjunction with Afeni Shakur's Amaru Entertainment, will focus on Shakur's childhood in Lumberton, North Carolina, as well as her involvement as a leader of The Black Panther Party.

Additionally, the movie will chronicle her time in jail while pregnant with Tupac, her drug addition (which Tupac chronicled in "Dear Mama") and the aftermath of Tupac's murder.

"The Dear Mama story is long overdue," Young Noble said. "I'm just so blessed to be in a position to produce this movie and make sure Afeni and Pac is proud when its done, this movie will offer hope and be an inspiration to the millions of people who will see it," said Young Noble.

The soundtrack to Dear Mama will be executive produced by Young Buck and The Outlawz for Cashville Recordz/1nationentertainment, along with Shakur's Amaru Entertainment.

Rappers like 50 Cent, T.I., The Outlawz, Young Buck and new comers Stormey and Begetz will be featured on the soundtrack, which will be executive produced by Young Buck and The Outlawz for Cashville Recordz/1nationentertainment and Amaru Entertainment.

"This incredible lady defended herself in court while pregnant with Tupac during a bomb conspiracy trial facing 352 years and was acquitted of 156 counts against her and 20 other members of the Black Panther Party," Young Noble continued. "I felt that the world needs to know where 2pac got his mind, heart, spirit and courage so I called Afeni with the idea. She was excited and gave me her blessing. The rest will be movie history!"

HollyHood Filmz is currently in negotiation with various producers and movie studios to distribute Dear Mama: The Life Story of Afeni Shakur in theaters nationwide.

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