Afeni Shakur To Host "Resurrection" Screening In South Carolina

Afeni Shakur announced that she will host a special screening of "Tupac: Resurrection" on Friday, in Lumberton, North Carolina, where Tupac's family began as slaves in the United States.The highly anticipated documentary has already premiered in Los Angeles and will premiere next Monday in New York and then Atlanta on November 12.The movie will open nationwide on November 14."This is where our family heritage began,'' Shakur told the "We were slaves, then sharecroppers, then domestics, right here in Robeson County. I want to share with our community how hard work, faith in God and sense of self can change things for the better in all our lives.''Shakur , who was cut down by a gunman in 1996, has raked in over $40 million dollars since his death at the age of 25.