African Documentary 'Hip-Hop Colony' Takes Top Honors At H2O Film Fest

The 4th Annual H20

(Hip-Hop Odyssey) International Film Festival closed out this past week in New

York and presented awards in over nine different categories.

One major winner was the documentary film "Hip-Hop Colony,"

which took home two major awards.

The film received the Best Feature Documentary award and the

Heineken Emerging Filmmaker Award.

The documentary - which was written by Russell Kenya and directed

by Michael Wanguhu - documents Hip-Hop's roots in East Africa, Kenya.

“A lot of people - especially in America - are not familiar

with how big African Hip-Hop is getting to be,” Wanguhu told

“So it is quite an honor to be recognized at such an event, especially

in New York the Mecca of Hip-Hop. We are also thankful to the H2O film festival


Other honorees included Kid-n-Play, The Last Poets and brothers

Reginald and Warrington Hudlin, who were responsible for the House Party series.

"Hip-Hop Colony" has also received awards for Best

Urban Documentary at the Houston Black Film Festival and Best Urban Documentary

at the San Francisco Film Festival.

“These awards will go along way for us because we'll be

able to show those in position of power in Kenya that we are worth it and they

can start to listen and even do business with us (African youth involved in

Hip-Hop) and even start funding our projects. I know of so many events that

have not happened in East Africa just because the young people organizing them

are not connected to some businessman or officials, causing true artistry to

be sidelined and undermined.”

H20 is a media program that works with new and experienced filmmakers,

encouraging them to develop and create work that showcases positive images of

Hip-Hop culture.

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