Afrika Bambaataa Officially Dubs Indian Rapper, The1shanti, As India Bambaataa


Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture and the Father of the Electro Funk Sound, Afrika

Bambaataa, has officially dubbed Hip-Hop artist, the1shanti, India Bambaataa."You

have our blessings (Afrika Bambaataa and The Universal Zulu Nation) as long as

you use your name in the good of your people and the good of yourself," Bambaataa

told the1shanti last week via written correspondence.As

a global rap star who was one of the first New York rappers of Indian descent

to bring Hip-Hop to India, the1shanti cites Afrika Bambaataa's innovation and

spirit as one of the main influences in his career"Hip-Hop

is the most influential force of our generation," says the young artist,

"Bambaataa's blessing lets me know I'm playing an important role in pushing

the boundaries of how far Hip-Hop can grow."With

Afrika Bambaataa's backing, Flatbush Junction Recordings has officially announced

that it will move ahead with the November 12 launch of the1shanti's debut album,

India Bambaataa. India

Bambaataa scored success with the group DDP and their release Spiritual Bling.

India Bambaataa is set for release late fall on Flatbush Junction Recordings.